Yearly Archives: 2012

Christmas is Coming

I just returned from buying the last present (I hope), I finished the cards and they’re in the mail (thru S), I haven’t started baking, but ready or not….

Enjoy today

Our baby is 12 today. He has 2 older brothers so I know it won’t be long before he is no longer my little boy and is suddenly a young man. I’m pretty sure this is the last time he will be ok with bubble bath pictures….so for now I am enjoying today.

Renewal at Canyon Ranch

This trip was to celebrate my good friends (whom I really think of as my sister) birthday. It turned out to be an unexpected chance of renewal for me. Canyon Ranch is a place that is surrounded by beautiful nature walks, unlimited exercise classes and an abundance of healthy food choices. All things I need…

Precious siblings

Meet 3 yr. old Mister K, just barely 2 yr. old Miss O and  7 month old baby M.  I am very close to this family and knew I wanted to capture their innocence and energy. Their dad is a talented family and wedding photographer based in Atlanta but if you have ever tried to photograph…