Monthly Archives: June 2011

What does Summer mean to you?

Perhaps it’s a day spent at the beach or relaxing by the pool.  As a kid Summer meant having more time than you knew what to do with.  I look forward to our busy life slowing down a little and vacations with my family, and just having time to be together.  What does Summer mean…

So you think you can fly

This young lady is not only beautiful, but  an amazingly  talented ballerina as well.  During our photo session I had to keep reminding myself to continue taking pictures because I wanted to just sit back and watch her dance.  Will share more later.  Keep flying H!

Meet Digger the swimming dog

We have a lake swim at our house –, it is 1K over and back.  If you make it to 1oo crossings you receive a special cap and are a part of the elite 100K club.  Now Digger joins the group of 60 humans as the first (and  probably only) canine to complete the…